• Campaign logos and promotional images must only be used on web pages for branding purposes, provided they fit the image standards and look natural on the page. See also Visual design accessibility.
  • Business unit or department logos are not permitted.
  • Third party logos are allowed by special permission only. Contact a digital communication supervisor for permission to use third party logos.

Sponsorship logos

Sponsor logos are permitted on calgary.ca with the following provisions:

  • A sponsor logo’s size and placement should relate to the level or importance of the sponsorship arrangement. For example, a sponsor’s logo in larger sponsorship arrangements could have a larger logo and more centralized positioning of the logo on the web-page compared to smaller sponsorship arrangements.
  • Sponsor logo placement on web pages should follow The City's visual identity standards for print. Best efforts will be made to align sponsor logos with their visual identity standards and guidelines. 
  • Specific logo placement and sizing may be limited by technical constraints. Web page layouts are at the discretion of the web author.
  • Logos should be placed on the calgary.ca page most closely relating to the event/program/asset being sponsored. The logos shouldn’t be duplicated across multiple pages.
  • Sponsors must provide logos in the required file format for the web page (jpeg or png) and provide any relevant visual identity standards and guidelines.
  • Sponsor logos can be linked to the sponsor’s website either from the logo or through a separate link, at the preference of the sponsor.

Examples of two levels of sponsorship

Example of sponsorship logo sizes