The visual identifier

We have specific ways to use variations of our visual identifier.

The Visual Identifier has two components that must be on all collateral: the wordmark, with the word Calgary typeset and reversed against the red box; and the adjacent Coat of Arms, reversed out of grey.


Primary identifier

Horizontal with Simplified Coat of Arms

Secondary identifier

Vertical with Simplified Coat of Arms

This secondary Visual Identifier may be used in instances where format limitations prevent accurate reproduction of the Primary Horizontal Visual Identifier (for example, small swag items or social media).

The standard version must be used unless it cannot be accurately reproduced, in which case you can use the reverse version.

Elected officials identifier

Vertical with Traditional Coat of Arms

This identifier is used by The City of Calgary Council, The City of Calgary Mayor’s Office, The City of Calgary Integrity Commissioner, The City of Calgary Ethics Advisor and The City of Calgary Auditor’s Office.

It’s available upon request and requires approval from the Customer Service & Communications Advertising division manager. For more information, contact your communications representative.

Visual identifier colour variations

Full colour (CMYK or two Pantone)

The full colour variation is preferred.

One colour red

The one colour red option is preferred when a single ink option is required. Use this only on a white background and for items with minimal copy (for example, urls, calls to action).

One colour reverse

Use the one colour reverse option in one-colour jobs on full flood (non-white) backgrounds. This option is primarily for swag items.

One colour black

Use the one colour black option when black ink is the only option
(for example, newspaper ads, forms). This may be used on coloured stock.

Social media identifiers

Square or circle Simplified Coat of Arms

These simplified options can be used for smaller mediums where the size and shape is restricted. The square option should only be used on social media channels that require a square format profile image (for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). The circle option is for social media channels that need a circle profile image (for example, Google+ and Instagram).

Always use the primary Horizontal Visual Identifier when a square or circle format profile image isn’t required.


Calgary Transit and Calgary Transit Access Visual Identifiers

The City of Calgary transit services (Calgary Transit and Calgary Transit Access) have exceptions to the visual identifier rules noted above. Calgary Transit and Calgary Transit Access service line identifiers can be placed below the Primary Visual Identifier.

Exceptions – alternate visuals

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