Background image block

Users scan webpages quickly and can have trouble distinguishing important content from the rest. If important content isn't highlighted, users can easily miss the information.

Background image block is designed to help campaign/marketing content be more effective on a page by providing a strong visual presence on desktop views. The large decorative image is removed on smaller screen sizes to provide a mobile-friendly experience.

Component data

Component resources:
SCSS files | coc-card-item.js

Functional grouping: Containers


Configure: select the dropdowns below to display the variety of options that a background image block supports.

Background image block title

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Responsive preview

Usage best practices

Place the background image block anywhere on the page. Using it closer to the top can create interest and get the user to continue reading the page. Closer to the bottom can show users important related information.

Consider using background image block to:

  • highlight important marketing messages
  • bring attention to navigational items
  • create visual interest on campaign pages

Usage examples:

  • special event information on a campaign page


Choose an image with adequate contrast against the translucent white text container. 

Use sparingly as too many background images can be visually overwhelming and distract users from the other content.


Do not use images that have a particular focal point or conveys important information.

Do not constrain the background image block within a grid as it is meant to create a big impact and should be edge to edge.

Do not use the background image block for full page content as it is meant to highlight important information.