Content block

content block consists of a stylized two-column layout for content and a decorative image, displayed side by side horizontally across the page.

It showcases information along with longer content (than a hero banner), making the display of different types of information scannable.

Component data

Component resources:
SCSS files | coc-card-item.js

Functional grouping: Containers


Configure: select the dropdowns below to display the variety of options that a content block supports.

Content block title

Content block subtitle

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Responsive preview

Usage best practices

Column widths can be set to:

  • one and two thirds
  • two and one thirds
  • one half and one half

The image and content column positions may also be switched. This results in six different layout options.

Image heights in content block:

  • small
  • medium
  • large
  • flexible - image stretches vertically to fill the content block container

The content block can also be configured without an image where it becomes a container for other components and can have either a white or grey background theme. White theme has a border.

Multiple content blocks can be used on the same page.


Use high quality images which can scale to fit various heights.


Do not use the primary button more than once when multiple content block components are used on the same page.