Videos can be a good way to add visual interest and interaction to your webpage, but not all users enjoy watching videos and they are more time consuming than reading. Try to keep videos to three minutes or less. The important information in your video should also be available on a regular web page, in case users don't click on your video.

  • Consider if a video is the best way to share that information with the user.
  • Produce simple videos to avoid potential problems with software and video hosting platforms. If you require videos with a higher production quality consider contacting Advertising. Submit an SR to the Advertising Team.
  • Videos must be uploaded to The City’s YouTube channel before being posted on Submit an SR to the Channel Management Team (City employee only) with:
    • a preferred title
    • a description of the video
    • some suggested tags

Removing videos

Maintenance, storage and archiving of videos, video elements and footage will be the responsibility of the business unit.

If storage and archiving is required, videos should be saved on an external hard drive. Please disclose if and when a video must be removed as the removal process does not involve deleting the video from YouTube. Instead, videos are set to private so they do not appear to the public but performance metrics can still be viewed.

Accessibility requirements for videos